Jury Duty Westchester Style

Jury Duty at the Westchester County Courthouse in White Plains was about as painless as it gets. Everyone treated jurors with friendly respect and concern. That went for security officers, attorneys, commissioners, and judges too. A Criminal Case On Monday, … Continue reading

Ed Clark Photography at the Bruce Museum

The regional museum that could, just launched another Met-worthy exhibit with Ed Clark: American Photojournalist on display through June 1, 2014. A street photographer from Tennessee, Ed Clark joined the elite cadre of photojournalists at Life, starting as a stringer … Continue reading

Eye to I at the Katonah: Breathtaking, Dramatic, Seductive

Eye to I… 3,000 Years of Portraits, the new exhibit at the Katonah Museum of Art is a blockbuster worthy of the Met or the National Gallery.  It includes 60 portraits by mostly well-known artists from several continents working in … Continue reading

Gem Lab Now Buys Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds

Theresa Beltrani is an award-winning gemologist and appraiser, and President of her own business — Gem Evaluation Lab in Uniondale, NY. Before people began doing their own gemological research online, Ms. Beltrani focused on providing accurate appraisals, evaluations, and identifications of diamonds, … Continue reading

M.A.S.H. for Affordable Automotive Lifts, Premium Service

America’s appetite for inexpensive automotive lifts is growing by leaps and bounds.  Just as Americans embraced low-priced Asian cars in the 70’s — think Toyota and Datsun — they’re snapping up highly affordable Chinese car and truck lifts today. The … Continue reading

Tapia Home Improvement Contractors of Westchester

As someone who makes part of his living building, servicing and repairing equipment, I appreciate others who share my enthusiasm for world class craftsmanship served up with home town customer spirit. One such craftsman is David Tapia, who owns Tapia Home … Continue reading

Matisse at the Met: Interesting but Not Satisfying

We took advantage of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Sunday hours — it opens at 9:30 am — to visit Matisse: In Search of True Painting before it got crowded.  The exhibit, which will be on display until March … Continue reading

Daddy’s Girl by Scottoline a Dud

Daddy’s Girl, Lisa Scottoline’s latest book and my sixteenth Scottoline, just doesn’t cut it. Like most Scottoline books, the main character is a gutsy female attorney — this one a law professor, a role Ms. Scottoline has recently assumed in … Continue reading

Happiness is the Horse not the Cart

I’m enjoying the writing suggestions of Daphne Gray-Grant, the Publication Coach, whose latest newsletter — sign up; they’re short, informative, and free — recommended a 12-minute TED talk by Shawn Achor called “The happy secret to better work.”  Shawn’s thesis … Continue reading

Grounds for Sculpture

Accessible sculpture in a lavishly landscaped setting. Some major pieces, like George Segal’s Depression Bread Line, lots of stuff reminiscent of first rank sculptors like Rodin and Moore, and plenty of contemporary art that’s just plain fun. The grounds — … Continue reading