Removing Privacy from domains registered through Google Apps

Google Apps for Free registers new domains — and does all the behind the scenes setup — using either GoDaddy or eNom.  The registration includes, by default, domain privacy managed by Domains by Proxy (DBP), which is owned by GoDaddy. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

SugarSync: Isn’t Sweet, Doesn’t Sync

Here’s the background.  Microsoft recently replaced Windows Live Sync (formerly FolderShare) with Windows Live Mesh, which doesn’t work with Windows XP.  Mesh works just fine and has additional features like easy remote access, but not everybody has moved past XP. … Continue reading

Customizing Wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter Edition

I know I’m not alone in this. I bought a great little netbook loaded with Windows 7 Starter, added RAM, set the Visualization Properties to maximize performance, and the little guy (or gal) just flies. But I was stuck with … Continue reading

Vonage: Switch for Savings, Stay for Service

Let me tell you a quick, true story about my phone company. I had previously dealt with them via email and their website.  But now I had a problem that needed a live person.  Frankly, after years of un-service from … Continue reading

PayPal Flunks Customer Service — Again

I’ve been using PayPal since before it was known by that name — years before it became part of eBay. I use it because it works for my eBay auctions, it works for collecting website payments — ask the folks … Continue reading