Gem Lab Now Buys Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds

Theresa Beltrani is an award-winning gemologist and appraiser, and President of her own business — Gem Evaluation Lab in Uniondale, NY. Before people began doing their own gemological research online, Ms. Beltrani focused on providing accurate appraisals, evaluations, and identifications of diamonds, … Continue reading

M.A.S.H. for Affordable Automotive Lifts, Premium Service

America’s appetite for inexpensive automotive lifts is growing by leaps and bounds.  Just as Americans embraced low-priced Asian cars in the 70’s — think Toyota and Datsun — they’re snapping up highly affordable Chinese car and truck lifts today. The … Continue reading

Tapia Home Improvement Contractors of Westchester

As someone who makes part of his living building, servicing and repairing equipment, I appreciate others who share my enthusiasm for world class craftsmanship served up with home town customer spirit. One such craftsman is David Tapia, who owns Tapia Home … Continue reading

Time Traveler 1776: A Revolutionary War Presentation for Schools, Veterans, Other Groups

My newest website is for one of our first clients, Thomas Kuehhas, who has moved to Virginia and started a new business, Time Traveler 1776. Time Traveler’s unique hands-on Revolutionary War program makes early American history come alive for school … Continue reading

Power Home Painting and Washing

Rodney Dangerfield — who sold aluminum siding before making it in comedy — knows what it’s like to do home painting and power washing. To paraphrase Rodney, “You don’t get no respect.” That’s because home and business owners see the … Continue reading

Choosing a Real Estate Appraiser

At some point, each of us will need a real estate appraiser. These are the independent fee appraisers that banks, insurance companies, courts, and the IRS rely on to estimate the market value of land, houses, farms, industrial, commercial, and … Continue reading

Appraising Machinery & Equipment

Machinery and equipment appraisers are some of the loneliest folks in town. They don’t evaluate real estate, they don’t do Antiques Roadshows, and they don’t establish the value of entire businesses. What they do is appraisals of heavy equipment. Stuff … Continue reading