BBC Video: Townsends from G.B. to O.B.

The BBC recently sent a video crew to Oyster Bay to follow the trail of one of the founding families of America – the Townsends. In this case they were following Viscount Raynham, from Norfolk, England, the branch of the … Continue reading

Raynham Hall Gets Culper Jr. Letters

An Oyster Bay Cove couple who are supporters of the [Raynham Hall] museum situated in the Townsend house recently donated two letters written by [Revolutionary War spy Robert] Townsend [aka Culper Jr.] enclosed in a signed first-edition copy of a … Continue reading

Newport Do’s and Don’ts: The Mansions

The Newport, RI mansions define conspicuous consumption. If gawking at generally tasteless faux grandeur is your thing, you’ll not want for things to do. On our recent trip, we took in three mansions, the mandatory Breakers, Marble House, and Vernon … Continue reading

Seaman-Drake Arch Struggles On

Do you recognize the Seaman-Drake Arch depicted in the circa 1907 photo at right? It’s located in the Inwood section of Manhattan — from which the Inwood Journal derives its name — on Broadway between 214th St and 218th St, … Continue reading

Harlem Housing: The Bad and the Good

The New York Times yesterday ran article by Josh Barbanel entitled Harlem (Housing Woes) on His Mind. The article told the story of a relatively high-profile writer, Keith Boykin, who moved into a second floor apartment in a Harlem brownstone … Continue reading

Rehnquist: Focused Warrior or Over the Hill?

When I read that Chief Justice Rehnquist, who is battling thyroid cancer, was hospitalized yesterday for a fever, and saw this AP photo of him leaving his home for work the day before, I started wondering if the Founding Fathers … Continue reading

Vive la France

A copy of the New York Daily News got in my way yesterday to my dismay. Headlines and stories all echoed this sentiment (emphasis added): New Yorkers reacted to losing the 2012 Olympics to London with a mix of cheers … Continue reading