Jury Duty Westchester Style

Jury Duty at the Westchester County Courthouse in White Plains was about as painless as it gets. Everyone treated jurors with friendly respect and concern. That went for security officers, attorneys, commissioners, and judges too. A Criminal Case On Monday, … Continue reading

Hudson Valley Charter School An Unneeded Expense

As someone committed to quality education, I was interested to learn that a new charter school — the proposed Hudson Valley Charter School for the Arts and Global Awareness — might be coming to the White Plains area. Charter schools, … Continue reading

Drink the Tea and Pass the School Budget

White Plains voters will vote next Tuesday, May 18 on the School Budget and School Board election. The election is easy. Charlie Norris and Sheryl Brady are running unopposed for reelection. Both are hard-working, knowledgeable and care about education. They … Continue reading

Cutting the Library Budget Makes the Community Bleed

If you haven’t been to your library recently, you probably don’t know it’s not just about books. Sure, libraries still have books, magazines, and periodicals as in the “old days,” but they also have large collections of music on CD, … Continue reading

Bayville Thicket Grows Raynham Picket

In a benevolent twist on Robert Frost’s immortal line, Raynham Hall Museum in Oyster Bay is finding that “Good neighbors make good fences.” In a recent rendezvous for restoration, Raynham Hall Trustee and local architectural historian John Collins met with … Continue reading

Preemptive Graffiti

It’s okay if you don’t know it. I coined the term preemptive graffiti seven years ago, and may still be its only user. It refers to decorating (urban) walls, security gates, and building entrances with commissioned graffiti-like art to forestall … Continue reading

Rehnquist: Focused Warrior or Over the Hill?

When I read that Chief Justice Rehnquist, who is battling thyroid cancer, was hospitalized yesterday for a fever, and saw this AP photo of him leaving his home for work the day before, I started wondering if the Founding Fathers … Continue reading

What Happened to the Privilege in Privileged Communications?

In defending his decision to cooperate with special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and reveal TIME journalist Matthew Cooper’s source of information about the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson, Norman Pearlstine, editor-in-chief of Time Inc. said (TIME, July 11, 2005): … Continue reading

Vive la France

A copy of the New York Daily News got in my way yesterday to my dismay. Headlines and stories all echoed this sentiment (emphasis added): New Yorkers reacted to losing the 2012 Olympics to London with a mix of cheers … Continue reading