About Us

The Inwood Journal took its first name from the Inwood neighborhood that fills northern Manhattan from Dyckman (200th) Street to the Spuyten Duyvil Creek. I owned an apartment there that served both as home and office, tech center and shop for my business.

It’s second name is short for “personal journal,” a hodgepodge of opinion, personal news, reviews of books, restaurants, lodging, museums and other travel destinations, promotional puffery for my business and its clients, and a place for some of my photos.

Begun in 1998, the Inwood Journal changed format in 2004, became a Blogger blog in 2005, the latter being incorporated in to the current WordPress blog in 2011. The content continues as the media morphs.

The content reflects my interests and careers.

I studied English and psychology at Columbia College and stayed at Columbia, doing postgraduate work in psychophysiology, then teaching and doing research for several years. To keep the wolf from the door, I migrated into retail sales and management, at first for Radio Shack, briefly for Savemart, and finally for Newmark & Lewis. When N&L collapsed, I went into business for myself, providing sales, service, and maintenance of computer systems; designing, hosting, and maintaining websites; providing custom software, mailers, and database services to the real estate industry; and serving as a business consultant.

My interests include writing, traveling, jogging, swimming, biking, hiking, gardening, photography, history, art, jazz, swing, country and classical music, investing, management theory, civic activism, sustainability, particularly energy conservation, good government, the environment, and technology.  And more to come, I hope.

Some write books, some chapters, some pages.  The Inwood Journal collects some of my pages.

Thanks for reading!  Please send your questions, comments, and suggestions.