Gem Lab Now Buys Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds

Theresa Beltrani is an award-winning gemologist and appraiser, and President of her own business — Gem Evaluation Lab in Uniondale, NY. Before people began doing their own gemological research online, Ms. Beltrani focused on providing accurate appraisals, evaluations, and identifications of diamonds, gems and jewelry. Today, with commodity prices soaring and Long Island’s economy slumping, Theresa’s Gem Evaluation Lab buys gold, jewelry, diamonds and gemstones for ready cash.

New Gem Evaluation Laboraory websiteGem Lab clients still benefit from Ms. Beltrani’s extensive experience in the jewelry industry, including as a buyer, retail sales manager, consultant, appraiser, and expert witness.  In its new role, buying and selling gold, diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and precious metals, Gem Evaluation Lab works with individuals who want to sell a single item as well as with down-sizers, executors and attorneys looking to sell an entire collection or estate.

Ms. Beltrani is prepared to buy unneeded valuables on the spot for cash or to consult for clients making private sales or selling by auction.  With many contacts in the industry, she can also offer brokering services that maximize the sale price for luxury items, estates, and collections.

Although Theresa has changed focus, she hasn’t lost sight of what clients want — accuracy, honesty and professional integrity.  Whether you engage her as an appraiser, buyer, consultant or broker, you can be sure of a getting an expert evaluation, graciously rendered and generously priced.


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