Chadds Ford Inn — Don’t Go There

Good restaurants are hard to find. Four years ago we found one — The Chadds Ford Inn — near one of our favorite travel destinations, Brandywine, DE. At the time the food and service were superlative and prices were modest. Who could ask for anything more?
The Chadds Ford Inn.  Don't go there.

Nothing is forever. Unfortunately, you could. On two recent trips to Brandywine, we sampled the Chadds Ford fare and found it, sadly, wanting. As often happens when a restaurant peaks, ownership changed. So did the kitchen and the wait staff. And the prices. The Chadds Ford Inn now offers a limited, relatively high price menu — dinner for two without wine eats up most of a Franklin. Quality is just a notch above diner food, and quantity is meager to skimpy. The service is pleasant, but unremarkable.

And then there’s Feby’s. Our guess is the Chadds Ford Inn continues to thrive on bus tours booked years in advance. Bully for them. For us, it’s just another historic inn. Our new love in DE is Feby’s, which we’ll tell you about after our next trip. For now, it’s probably enough to know we ate there on six of seven nights in the area.

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Chadds Ford Inn — Don’t Go There — 4 Comments

  1. We enjoyed Chadds Ford Inn years ago, and I was thinking about going back for old time’s sake (I live in Texas, and am coming up there in October). Your evaluation has given me second thoughts.

  2. October, 2005 — called to make reservation for dinner recently (not having read your note) and found it closed due to renovation. Chadds Ford insiders say it is slated to become “a steak house housed in a non-historical building”. What a shame

  3. I agree that it is sad to see the Chadds Ford Inn “rennovated”. Although the Historical Society is supposedly “keeping a watchful eye”on same, from the description and pictures, I can’t imagine how it will retain the Chester County feel where you had a sense of the area and where you might see Andrew Wyeth wander through the door.
    Hopefully, I am wrong but it sounds like it will be just another glitsy, modern, restaurant.

  4. I tried to get reservations at the chadds ford inn after purchasing a gift certificate there. Unfortunately, I found out they were closed for renovations.. Well we waited and waited but they never reopened and no one will honor my gift certificate. Can anyone tell me anything about Inn closing?